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We as Americans are all children of heroes. Our families who have escaped persecution, intolerance and prejudice are American heroes. Our families who left poverty and hopelessness to come to America are heroes. Our families who survived slavery in this country are American heroes. Whether from Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, or native born we all make up the "Family of America" and "Children of Heroes".

Our families, as citizens, became heroes again as they produced the equipment and machinery to protect us. They gave their service to the military to keep this a free country. Many became the ultimate heroes by giving their lives to protect our country.

Because of the events of September 11th we are once again creating heroes. Brave Americans are once again giving their service in the protection of this country. Once again, fathers and mothers are making the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country.

This Foundation was formed to give financial aid and support to the children of those fathers and mothers who gave the ultimate sacrifice and are the ultimate heroes. It was also formed to promote the concept to every American that we are all "Children of Heroes" living in the "Family of America."

Source of Income

The Foundation will not seek contributions, rather in the spirit of the American way has designed and produced exclusive products whose profits will benefit only the children of our fallen heroes and their families.

To achieve its goal of raising significant funds to aid the children, the Foundation has designed a line of hats, clothing and related products of a patriotic theme. The products will be marketed to all Americans, as a way to financially support the children of our lost heroes and to demonstrate our support for the heroes still fighting the battle. Whether the purchaser believes in the war should be irrelevant. These products will symbolize our belief in each other regardless of race, religion, sex, or national origin. They should support the concept that we are all part of the "Family of America."

Benefiting Children and Their Families

The Foundation will support and contribute to organizations geared to helping children and their families.  The Foundation will select well managed, effective organizations that are geared to helping children and their families affected by the loss of a spouse while serving our country since September 11th

The organizations selected for support by the Children of Heroes Foundation will provide college scholarships, family assistance, and counseling.  Examples of such organizations are:

Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund

Operation Family Fund

Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors



The Children of Heroes Foundation works with several organizations to develop products benefitting the military and veterans. Through its work with Livingston Innovations an innovative and proprietary track has been created to provide all terrain access to wheelchairs. Detailed information may be found at www.freedomtrax.com

Additionally, Children of Heroes is partnering with Sun Health Technologies to develop a breakthrough medical device for the prevention and treatment of post traumatic stress disorder. Detailed information may be found at www.sunhealthtech.com

Board of Directors

The Foundation will be run by its director with input from the Board of Advisors made up of elected officials, clergy, media personalities and celebrities from the left and right, Republican and Democrat.  Also, executives from the above mentioned companies.  The finances will be over seen by a major accounting firm.


Initial Funding

The Foundation is being fully funded by the Spatz Foundation.  The Foundation was set up by the Spatz Family to give back to the community and to say thank you for the blessings of being an American.

The Children of Heroes Foundation was set up by Marilee and Larry Spatz and their family members.

Organizations Supported by The Children of Heroes Foundation

American Military Family

Armed Forces Foundation

Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund

Citizens Helping Heroes

Fisher House Foundation

Military Child Education Coalition

National Military Family Association

Operation Child Care

Operation Family Fund

Scholarships for Military Children

Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors  

Contact Information:

Postal address:
3100 Dundee Road, Suite 403, Northbrook, Illinois 60062
Electronic mail:
General Information: info@childrenofheroes.org