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I started developing the concept for Children of Heroes on Christmas Eve, 2004, while watching stories of children who lost parents in war zones.  My heart bled for these children and families.  At the same time, I felt it was time for us as Americans to do something for these families.  I feel it is necessary to support them with both our words and our actions.

I believe, as caring American citizens and businesses we can do more.  I created Children of Heroes to allow businesses to contribute to our heroes by selling our patriotic products and to allow citizens to support our heroes by buying these products.

I couldn’t sleep after watching the sad stories of our lost heroes, so at 3:00am on Christmas Eve, I wrote the statement shown on the Children of Heroes home page.   Hopefully this will be my gift to those heroes who continue to protect me, my family and my country.

May God bless them.

Larry Spatz